Focus on your communication. Not on the what, but on the how.


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Change Management


Implementation of strategies

Once a strategy is developed, it comes to the most delicate phase: how to implement the strategy effectively to achieve tangible results. Regardless of whether you are integrating an acquisition, restructuring, or cutting costs, realigning your corporate culture or your business model: We help you to achieve your execution goals through designing and facilitating an impactful communication process.

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Driving change

We support you in achieving your goals by developing a participation process, that involves all levels of your organisation and thus prevents the “not invented here” syndrome. This enables your organisation to manage change successfully.

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Innovate faster than the competition

Innovations are essential for entrepreneurial survival in the market. But they only emerge in a working environment where people enjoy being creative and where mistakes are accepted as a source of learning. We help you to establish an open mindset and a genuine culture of innovation in your company.

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Better team alignment

People are the most important asset of any organisation. Where different people work together, different values, cultures and mentalities also collide, a “breeding ground” for complex situations and problems that hinder constructive cooperation.
With our multi-perspective solutions, we help you to achieve your goals by improving internal communication and eliminating the silo mentality that could exist in your company and in team members mindset.

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Customer orientation

“Customer first!” – this customer-centric approach is on everyone’s lips, but is it on everyone’s minds? Customer experience is closely related to decision-making processes in a company, and thus also to the corporate culture: is it hierarchical, is it agile enough and is it oriented towards real customer needs?

We support you in implementing an empathic and autonomous approach that delivers immediate positive results in customer experience.

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Diagnosis, control, evaluation

Only what’s measured gets done – that is important especially when new processes are established because otherwise there’s a high risk to fall back into old habits. We help you to define ‘key performance indicators’ allowing to monitor the progress and the success of the change you’re facing.

Smart apps or software-based solutions like the Change Indicator©, the Agility Indicator© or the Employee Pulse Survey can even foster this process. We help you to achieve your goals through innovative, customized digital tools.

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Corporate Culture

The best employee is of no use to you if he or she is not motivated and willing to use this potential. We believe the most effective way to accelerate engagement and productivity lies in creating an organizational environment where people experience purpose and recognition for their individual talents.

We help you to create a corporate culture where people are able, willing, and allowed to contribute to their full potential.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Change is the new normal for most companies. But changes do not just happen. If they are not actively managed, they often get out of hand — or nothing happens at all.

Our approach

We believe that successful change management is based on the ability to lead the change process successfully and to mobilise every employee in the organisation. If they don’t join in, the best change process is of no use. That’s why our approach is based on the following SAVE® model:

S ensitization
  • What are the changes in your environment?
  • How will they impact your organization?
  • How will this affect the stakeholders?
A ctivation
  • How can you turn all stake holders into committed and engaged promotes of change?
  • How can you mobilize the critical mass needed for change to happen?
V isible Accountability
Visible Accountability
  • How can you stage-manage passionate leadership?
  • How can you define motivating and measurable objectives?
E valuation
  • How can you make progress visible?
  • How can you evaluate effects, measure results and create sustainability?

Together with you, our change experts create a people-oriented roadmap, as well as the concepts for employee mobilisation and their implementation. We provide you with digital tools, such as the Change Indicator®, to measure the success of your change initiative throughout the entire process. Our support ranges from change workshops, engagement workshops and learning journeys to info-markets and other large group interventions.

Since 1998, we have bundled our international change management competencies into the company Change International Ltd. with branches in Dublin/Ireland, Munich/Germany and Stuhlfelden/Austria. Our international team carries out projects in all languages of the world.

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