When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.


– Unknown

Setting the Leadership Framework

Setting the Scene:

Corporate Strategy

Leadership always starts from the top: top management defines the mission, vision, strategy, and culture of the company.

With strategy workshops, we help you identify your goals and develop a plan to implement them company-wide.

Corporate values, culture, and guidelines

Probably you know what is meant by “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. To prevent this meltdown, culture should be actively shaped. The values of a company determine the thinking of every single employee — from the cleaner to the CEO. And our thinking determines our action.

Together we develop the values that make up your company and use them to develop the appropriate guidelines. With the help of or Values Indicator©, we can measure real time the status of how the culture is being lived and provide value-based indicators.

Competence management

You know the visions and goals of your company? Great, that’s an essential step! But do your managers have the necessary competencies to implement them? With the help of a structured competence management, the qualifications of the employees are recorded transparently and developed in a targeted manner to achieve the strategic corporate goals.

We support you in defining exactly these critical competencies as a foundation for all further development activities.

Talent management and succession planning

With the shortage of skilled workers at the latest, it is clear to everyone: successful strategy implementation goes hand in hand with an effective talent management. Only with a reliable HR forecast you achieve your strategic goals. In terms of bench-strength, personnel development is also risk management, and structured succession planning a critical success factor.

We support you with our digital tools, e.g. our HR Forecast Tool and workshop with your management team.

Potential assessment

„You cannot hire a Rottweiler and want him behave like a Poodle”.

The best prerequisite for motivation and success is when employees can play to their personal strengths for the benefit of the company. To identify these, it is necessary to assess potential correctly, give open feedback and support and challenge employees.

We provide you with processes and digital tools, e.g. our “Multidimensional Talent Portfolio App©” and facilitate talent portfolio workshop with your management team.

Structures, processes, roles, and organisational principles

If a sentence begins with “I thought, that …”, it becomes apparent that responsibilities and roles were not clearly defined. But it is critical for success to know who has which responsibility and role in the company. This is especially true for managers. Without a clear definition of roles and principles, managers find it difficult to meet the company’s requirement.

We help you define the structures, roles, and principles so that you have well defined responsibilities and organisational principles for maximum empowerment.

Management conferences and retrospectives

2-hour strategy team meetings are not enough to ensure the success of the company. Leaders must regularly look at the big picture: What have we achieved, what have we learned, where do we want to go, what’s next and with whom? Meetings can be filled with bare facts and figures — but they can be made inspiring, forward-looking, and results-oriented at the same time.

Let us show you how to do it.

Human resources development / executive development steering committee

To be successful, HRD/HR should not stew in its own juice. The strategic anchoring of HRD and management development in the company can be ensured very well by a steering committee of senior managers that meets periodically. This steering committee gives feedback on the measures that have already been implemented and advises on the strategic “construction sites” that still need to be addressed.

We help you to set up such a steering committee and accompany you, whenever necessary.

Leadership needs a framework

To ensure that your corporate strategy is implemented sustainably through goal-oriented leadership, we work with you to design the framework for successful leadership.

We develop corporate values and leadership principles, help define and operationalise leadership competencies, facilitate (strategy) workshops and design and accompany leadership conferences. Your corporate strategy is thus implemented sustainably through effective leadership.

Our Approach

Leaders are constantly confronted with new challenges and must make decisions and act. Knowing company-specific principles and conditions, they can make decisions more easily and act accordingly. Such frameworks provide a basis for maximum empowerment and set direction on how leaders should decide and lead to achieve the company’s goals.

To do so, we take the following factors among others into account:

Is there a vision, mission, and strategy in place, are they known and accepted within the company?

Have the success-critical competencies for leaders been defined?

Are there clearly defined corporate (leadership) values and guidelines that express the company’s own preferred culture?

Is leadership development meaningfully integrated into other HR processes, e.g., talent management and succession planning?

According to which principles and with which instruments are employees lead in the company?

Does the talent pipeline match the company’s ambitions and demographics?

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