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Innovative and state-of-the-art:
best practise in leadership and organisational development.“

Since 1982, KKAG has focused on strategic human resource and organisational development. We have realised more than 2.100 projects in 57 countries – tailor-made solutions for and with our clients. Our core business is the conception and implementation of leadership development programs. We integrate innovative ideas and methods, as well as proven classics  and implement them consistently, competently, and professionally. This is done sustainably and measurably, in Germany and worldwide. 

Some facts and figures

Training days
Completed projects

Helping you to achieve your goals“

Focus on practice and results

To make a real difference, we work with your managers on existing business challenges. You can not only see but also measure the success of our strategic leadership programmes in numbers.

Thought leadership

We practice what we preach and are therefore constantly developing ourselves: Our trainers and consultants regular attend conferences around the world, mainly in the USA and UK and have about 20 training days per year. We recognise sustainable new trends at an early stage and integrate them into our concepts, such as BlendedLeading®.

Undogmatically pragmatic

We think entrepreneurial – not theoretical. We identify ourselves with your company, with your goals and with the culture of our clients. For us, this is the basis for a successful, pragmatic concept design that fits company-specific needs and culture.

With passion and expertise

Because we love what we do, we live up to our high standards of professionalism – and have great pleasure in doing so. Developing strategy-oriented learning solutions, putting them into practice, accelerating learning processes and changing cultures – that is our passion.

Digital and on site

Even in digital times, personal exchange is important to us. Thanks to our locations, we are close to our customers. And worldwide through our international network GloPeDea with local partners in 45 countries.

Proven quality

Our entire internal project management has been designed and audited according to the ISO quality management system 9001 since 1996. This is how we ensure high-quality and service-oriented realization for you.

One of our core values is “We practice what we preach”. That is why our own human resources development has been successfully audited according to the best practice model “Investor in People” since 2002.

National and international

We follow your business: That is why we offer all our services worldwide. So far, we have rolled out projects for our clients in more than 57 countries.

We provide our services in all major languages of the world.


What is it about?

We professionally implement all measures for you — in Germany and worldwide. During this time, you will work closely with a project manager from our company, according to our principle of offering “one face to the customer”.

Our approach

Our services range from the implementation of individual measures to complete project management, including project coordination, resource planning and administrative support.

Example methods

Leadership Development Programs, Webinars and e-learnings, Action Learning, Team Workshops, Portfolio Conference, Open Space, Info Market, World Café, Communities of Practice, Design Thinking, Hackathon, Outdoor events, etc.

Digital tools & services

Digital tools are an integral part of our projects, as they simplify and accelerate processes and developments. From needs analysis to evaluation, from personal self-awareness to better team performance, from potential analysis to lived corporate values. We work with various indicators, feedback tools and personality instruments – web-based and via app and our own Learning Management System (LMS).


We support the individual development of managers with specific tools based on a competence model that specifically reflects your corporate culture and management guidelines:

360° feedback

360° feedback is a method to evaluate the competencies and performance of managers and employees in managerial positions from the perspective of 360 degrees. 

Employee and customer survey

Employee and customer surveys provide hard facts on problem areas and core issues that cannot be illustrated easily by performance indicators.

Real-time feedback-indicators

Do you want to get an overview of the status of your project without much effort? Or how your people perceive the ongoing change process or how the corporate values are lived out? Our feedback-indicators will help you – quickly and easily in real-time.

Personality instruments

These tools help to better understand one’s own personality, thinking and actions. In addition to the ones mentioned here, we work with other reflection tools such as COI®, Insights Discovery®, Team Preferences and some others.


MBTI® is a personality assessment that provides a better understanding of personal motivation and group interaction.


FIRO-B® stands for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behaviour.

The FIRO-B is a self-assessment and provides information about interaction with others; how behaviour is expressed and what behaviour is desired.

DiSC Model®

The DiSC personality profile is used to identify behaviour in specific situations. DiSC stands for the following 4 behavioural styles: dominant, proactive, consistent, conscientious.


The StrengthsFinder® is based on positive psychology approaches and identifies the most common talents of individuals, which can then be developed into strengths.

Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery® is a self-reflection tool that provides deep insight into a person’s strengths and weaknesses, their communication style, and their value to a team.

Career Anchor®

The Career Anchor® shows a combination of perceived competencies, motives and values related to career choices. Suitable for self-management, motivation, and development planning.


Talent Portfolio App

Talent Portfolio is an app that helps managers to identify the hidden potential in their teams, as well as identify potential HR risks.

Team Performance Indicator

The current team situation is put in relation to the desired future team situation. You recognise the relevant sticking points and know where the focus for further development lies.


The values-indicator measures your lived corporate values and ensures their sustainability: How do you live a value yourself and how did you experience it among your colleagues? You create a continuous value awareness among employees and improve the value culture in the organisation.

Our work principles


We are passionate about what we do and we express it.

Can do-attitude

We have a can do-attitude – courageous to try new stuff.


We are innovative, driven by our customers, and therefore really flexible.


We are pragmatic – not theoretical or ideological.

Quality standards

We are clear that quality is defined by our customers – not by ourselves or 3rd parties.

Team players

We believe in working closely together to create a constructive business partnership.

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